1 oct. 2013

NWU 1.3.9c Beta

 Map  NWU 1.3.9c Beta by Kroom & muZk
 Choose from 48 of your favorite heroes from Naruto in a battle to defend your village. Modes: -ap -ar -sd -pm -sm -nr -om -nt -nm -nb

30 sept. 2013

Anime Rebirth V1.2 - V1.2a

 Map Anime Rebirth v1.2 - v1.2a by Anime Lover
 An Aos map containing various characters from four great animes (Bleach,Fairy Tail,Naruto,One Piece,Reborn)

28 sept. 2013

Anime Battle World 0.3 - 0.3a

 Map Anime Battle World 0.3 - 0.3a by Takeshi_Sawada
 20 Heroes Only Aos 3v3v3

27 sept. 2013

Anime Grand Battle v2.0 (a,b)

 Map Anime Grand Battle v2.0 - v2.0a - v2.0b by [D]eva & Kirigaya_Kazuto
 Aos Hero 3 way. Only 20 Hero in this map

Anime Release Battle v1.1c

 Map Anime Release Battle v1.1c by Uchiha Kaiba
 Choose your favorite anime character and join in the this epic battle to defend your team.

25 sept. 2013

FOCS3 Another 9.2a04

 Map FOCS3 Another 9.2a04 by 맵 제작자(Maker) : 튤립 (uijng/TwoBS)
 An Hero Defense Map containing various characters from four great animes (Bleach,Inuyasha,Naruto,Fate Stay Night,One Piece,Dragon Ball Z,Hellsing,Full Metal Alquemist,Shingeki no Kyojin)

20 sept. 2013

Anime Battle Tournament

 Map Anime Battle Tournament by Hirako321
 Aos Hero 3 way. Only 58 Heros in this map
(Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Videogames Characters, Hunter x Hunter,
One Piece, Naruto Shippuden,Bleach,Fairy Tail)

15 sept. 2013

Akatsuki War 2.7

 Map Akatsuki War 2.7 by Kurohitsugi

13 sept. 2013

FOCS Another 11.07a - 11.07b City

 Map FOCS Another 11.07a - 11.07b City by Gin03

10 sept. 2013

Anime Fight Star v2.21

 Map Anime Fight Star v2.21 by 六翼修
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