12 jul. 2013

Anime Battle Stad. 3.3 (a,b,c,d,e)

 Map Anime BattleStadium 3.3 - 3.3a - 3.3b - 3.3c - 3.3d - 3.3e by SPHOENIXZ & - Cra[Z]y_Bank- 
 Aos Hero 3 way. Only 27 Hero in this map

 New Hero: Xanxus  Asuna [ From SAO] 
 Add New item Null Stone Block magic spell cd 50 sec
Fix hp ward 100 up to 600Zoro Add New spell 
 Natsu Karyuu ken no slide
Mysotogan skills 4 change cooldown to 70 Sec
New sound map  Fix tournament terrain 
 iItachi G skills change 300 To 150 
Add Effect Gear Rouge Sting Holy nova old version
Changelog 3.3a
Fix Gear asuna [not sure limit gear cloud ring 3 ring]
  Add item
Changelog 3.3b
Fix asuna AGI Hero To STR Hero 
Fix Damage system red color 
Fix new sound map Fix Tsukuyomi itachi
 Fix Skills Soen 5 yama lv 5 burn mana 500 
Add New model hibari Add New icon hero 
Reduced Hp Tower ABS 50000 To 25000
Changelog 3.3c
Fix Jellal bug  Fix gear Hibari effect
 Fix gear Sting holy rays
 Fix skills 5 Sing Fix Item Satanic 
Fix ward stack 5 Add Terrain fog in map
Changelog 3.3d
Fix neji spell Fix natsu Fix bug clound ring drop 
Fix shiki sound skills 5 Fix effect item natsu

 Category:  Hero Arena (AoS)  
  Tileset: Sunken Ruins 
 Dimensions: 128x128  
 Playable Area: 116x120 
 Recommended Players: 5vs5  
 Size: 7.84 Mb 
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