10 jul. 2013

Anime Battle World 0.2 - 0.2a

 Map Anime Battle World 0.2 - 0.2a by Takeshi_Sawada
 17 Heroes Only Aos 3v3v3

 New Heros: Lambo,Sanji,Aoi Kunieda,
Ulquirra Cifer,Goku,Edward Elric
 Improve Heroes: 
Naruto R imrpoveOga R improve 
Wendy T improve Nerve lucy 
New lucy mdl skin 
New boss: Byakuran
New System: All random '-ar' and '-random'
Changelog 0.2a
New Hero: Superbi Squalo Bug 
Fixed: ulquirroa 4th skill Cooldown 
Aoi Kuneida Q No Damage 
Ulquirroa E No Damage On Level 1 
Fixed Minato Kunai Fatal Error 
Improve: Sanji R Added Stun For 2 Second 
Goku Add Bonus Strength And Speed 
New Cero Model 
Added New Effect To Kamehameha 
New Minato Kunai 
Nerved: Ulquirroa Cero Oscuros Change Damage From 8xstr,8.5xstr,9xstr to 4xstr,5xstr,6xstr Ulquirroa Lanza De Relampago Decrease Damage 
Item: Removed Zebul Emblem,sharingan and Silfarion
 Added 4 Ring:Storm ring,Sun Ring,Thunder Ring,Sun Ring

 Category: Hero Arena (AoS)  
  Tileset: Sunken Ruins 
 Dimensions: 161x160  
 Playable Area: 154x149 
 Recommended Players: Anime Lover  
 Size: 7.45 Mb 
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