11 jul. 2013

Ultimate Dragonball v5.6e

 Map Ultimate Dragonball v5.6e by ForTiNeRo & Ayraclus, Avarize
 Fight for survival, destruction and power in the epic world of Dragonball!

Fixed Cell Android Bomb. 
Fixed Cell's cutscenes. 
Super Buu Gets Absorb at level 105.
 Goku Instant Transmission cooldown increased. 
Goku Blast/Dragon Fist nerfed.
Future Trunks Shining Sword nerfed. 
Fixed Future Trunks Sword Mastery buff when transforming.
Wish for Power slightly buffed. 
Uub gets vision over dying Majin Buu at level 80.

 Category: Role Playing (RPG)  
  Tileset: Lordaeron Summer 
 Dimensions: 256x192  
 Playable Area: 244x180 
 Recommended Players: 8+  
 Size: 7.26 Mb 
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